Taking Jesus Seriously

February 5, 2023

Mark 9:42-50

Sermon by Pastor Nick Krauss. Sermon text: Mark 9:42-50

Most people would like for us to not take Jesus too seriously. After all, they would say, who really knows what happens to us after we die? The consequences of taking Jesus "too seriously" would mean that people need to abandon their idolatrous culture and family traditions, and reject the sin that brings them pleasure. Taking Jesus "too seriously" would mean acknowledging that there is a terrifying reality awaiting all those who do not turn from their sin to the Savior: eternal torment in Hell forever. But not to take Jesus seriously is to live in La La Land, pretending that God does not care about justice, is indifferent to evil, and Hell is not real. Ignoring reality does not help anybody. In fact, it hurts a lot of people. God knows what we will experience when we die, and He warns us that we will go either to Heaven or to Hell.

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