The Call to Suffer (Part One)

December 11, 2022

Mark 8:22-32a

Sermon by Pastor Nick Krauss -- Mark 8:22-32a

When Peter finally confessed that Jesus is the Christ, for the first time the light came on for him as a result of the Father's revelation (Matt 16:17). But once the lights came on he did not like what he saw: the King of Kings would suffer many things, be rejected by the Jews, and be murdered. This was so shocking to Peter that he seems to have missed the supernatural prediction that "after three days [Jesus will] rise again" (Mark 8:31). Peter's reaction is completely natural. He does not want his friend to suffer, so he tries to talk some sense into Jesus. At this moment, Jesus's response to this is not to explain why He must suffer but to show why everyone who would follow after him is called to suffer. The time will come when He will explain the uniqueness of His call to suffer, but Jesus first corrects the disdain and shows the value of such a call.

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