The End: Past Expectations

May 21, 2023

Psalm 110

Sermon by Pastor Nick Krauss; Sermon Text: Psalm 110

What is the New Testament’s favorite Bible verse? If this is determined by how often the New Testament authors quote a text, then it is definitely Psalm 110! I say this because the New Testament authors quote this psalm more than any other single text in the Old Testament. Just look at how many times the book of Hebrews quotes it: Hebrews 1:13; 2:8; 5:6; 7:17, 21; 10:13!!! The importance of this text stems from what it says about the person and the work of the Messiah to come, revealing an inconvenient truth about Jesus’s mission: He is going to judge the world. God has appointed a day wherein he will judge the world by Jesus Christ (John 5:26-29). On Judgement Day, Jesus will judge all persons that have lived on earth to give an account of their thoughts, words, and deeds (see WCF 33.1). The question is, are you ready for that day?

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Sunday, October 29, 2023

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